Fall Allergies!

When we talk about seasonal allergies, most people think of springtime, but fall allergies are just as common and troublesome. When leaves start to fall and the air cools, a host of allergens can cause irritation.

The most common fall allergy is ragweed, which normally pollinates mid August through October. It causes hay fever with symptoms including itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny, stuffy nose. Mold spores are also released in autumn, and become more common in the air as decaying leaves and other vegetation fall to the ground, mold can be an irritant to people with allergies. Allergies are extremely annoying but before you reach for the other-the-counter or prescription medication try some natural alternatives.

Neti pots with a saline rinse can be an effective way to relieve nasal congestion. It flushes out mucus and allergens from your nose.

A teaspoon of local honey taken daily early in the season can help you develop a tolerance to pollen in the area.

Vitamin C is key to cutting down on histamines. Kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamin C along with oranges and other citrus fruit.

Any probiotic-rich food is ideal for helping to prevent allergies, the digestive enzymes can aid in reducing inflammation.

Many patients at the clinic find the natural supplement D-Hist effective for reducing seasonal allergy symptoms. D-Hist supports; immune balance, sinus and respiratory health, promotes normal viscosity of mucus and clears nasal passages.

The clinic also offers a custom blend, allergy clearing tea, made with high quality Chinese herbs and organic Yerba Mate. It uses natural properties and antioxidants to clear the head and sinuses.

We are currently offering an allergy season promotion bundle which includes Allergy Tea, D-Hist and Vitamin C Supplements.

Stop in and pick up your bundle now through Labor Day 2020.

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