It’s that Season!

As we head into “flu season” there are measures we can take to lessen our chances of getting sick.

Regular acupuncture treatments help boost your immune system and support your natural immune response. This bolstering of the immune system will help prevent colds or the flu from taking hold in your body.

Vitamins and Chinese herbal formulas can also be taken to support your body’s natural healing and defense system. The following vitamins and supplements have been proven to be most helpful.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin in fighting colds and flu and has been shown to be very effective in eradicating the influenza virus. Vitamin C contributes to immune defense by supporting and directly stimulating various cellular functions of the immune system.

Although vitamin D deficiency is most prevalent during the winter months (the peak cold and flu season), supplements can help reduce the occurrence and symptoms of colds and flu. For example, one research study, carried out by A R Martineau a Professor of Respiratory Infection and Immunity, analyzed nearly 11,000 participants between birth and 95 years and found that daily doses of vitamin D supported respiratory tract health and reduced the incidence of common seasonal infections.

Our patients have found Booster Shot, a Chinese herbal formula effective for immune support and general health and wellbeing.

Finally, make sure you are also getting regular exercise and plenty of rest to stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Stop in the clinic to pick up your immune support supplements!

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