Stress Affects Every Aspect of Life!

As parents and workaholics know, the effects of stress can impact personal and professional aspects of your life, as well as disrupt sleep and cause anxiety. Emotions may spiral out-of-control with frequent crying spells or anxiety, concentration and focus disappear into all-day brain fog, and severe fatigue impairs the ability to cope with life’s daily stressors often leading to outbursts of frustration and anger. Studies have shown stress is a huge reason for visits to the MD office. To manage stress, modern medicine typically relies upon over-the-counter sleeping pills, melatonin (a hormone), CBD, and prescription drugs. Common side effects of these medications can include brain fog, metabolic changes (weight loss or weight gain), memory loss, mood swings, nausea, fatigue and more. In some cases, these side-effects feel worse than unwillingly staying up all night.

Long -Term Relief is Possible

At our office, we offer effective and comprehensive solutions to stress sufferers. Over the course of Stephanie’s career, she has worked with top doctors around the country to develop cutting edge non-pharmaceutical solutions to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety. At Waconia Women’s Health, treatment strategies naturally encourage homeostasis in the endocrine system and nervous system to attune with circadian rhythms which promote falling into deep and restorative sleep cycles.

During an initial consultation, we meet on-on-one with prospective patients to listen to their story and understand them as a whole person, not just a constellation of symptoms. Every patient receives a customized treatment plan designed to achieve their unique health goals effectively and efficiently. Using an individually tailored mix of acupuncture, ATP Resonance BioTherapy™ and Chinese herbal medicine, we deliver clinically impressive results that help give stress, insomnia and anxiety sufferers their lives back!

Other tips for reducing stress we commend at our office include:

  • low impact exercise such as walking, yoga, swimming, biking, barre and pilates
  • guided meditation and breathing techniques (Insight Timer, Calm and Headspace are great apps for this!)
  • Eliminating refined sugar intake
  • Get outside!
  • Reduce screen time.





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